Our 7.14 prayer week has started – join us!

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.   2 Chronicles 7:14

Our current crisis represents a call to all Christians to humble themselves and pray!

We are taking this Bible verse as a theme for our prayer week, from Sunday 24 May to Saturday, 30 May, leading up to Pentecost Sunday.

Inspired by 2 Chron. 7.14, we will pray 7.14 – seven days, 14 hours each (a total of 98 hours). Will you join us?

You can pray wherever you are. With the help of the 24-7 prayer movement we have set up a simple website where you can sign up to pray for one hour that week (or two, or three…).

Scroll down to find some great resources to help you pray, both for adults and for families with children.

Take action:

  • get out your diary and mark the hours you will spend in prayer.
  • click here to sign up  (no problem if someone has already signed up – of course more than one person can pray at any given time). If you have trouble signing up through the website, please let our church office know when you will be praying.
  • decide where you will pray to avoid unnecessary distractions. Be creative – some people pray best when they are out for their daily walk.
  • download (and print) the resources you want to use for prayer. Of course you can choose your own format for prayer!

Our goal is to fill all 98 hours with prayer for our land and our world.


Night Prayer during our 7.14 Prayer Week

Every evening from Sunday 24 May to Saturday 30 May we are inviting you to join us for a short online night prayer from 8.40pm to 9.00pm.

Please contact our church office or Christoph Lindner to get the details so you can login.

A Prayer Wall for our 7.14 Prayer Week

Would you like to post a prayer request, an answer to prayer or a Bible verse on our virtual prayer wall? Here is the link and it is ver easy to do…


Post something!

A Prayer Activity at St Mary’s Church

Explore the Lord’s Prayer in different languages on the door of St Mary’s Church in Denham Village – more activities to follow!