Support Give and Share this Christmas!

Christmas is rapidly approaching – there is still time to get involved with Give and Share:

  • Make a donation in the form of supermarket vouchers, cash donations or simply shopping for a few items on our list.
  • Help in a practical way by delivering the completed hampers to local schools or by helping to pack the hampers at our local venue.

If you would like to help please contact Craig via our church office.

Give and Share is a part of Denham Parish Church, responding to the needs of families and individuals in our parish and region. Our twofold goal is
• to support people who are struggling with the day-to-day cost of living and
• to express the kindness and care of Jesus through the response of the local church.
In Jesus Christ we see the love of God with hands and feet. As his followers we are called to be his hands and feet and to express his love in practical ways.

This work has grown out of “Operation Christmas Box” which has given away hundreds of presents to families in our area over the last years.

Find out more about the story of “Give and Share” in this video from September 2020 (an updated video will be provided soon):