Family Service 5 July 2020

It’s a family service for all ages today and Winnie the Pooh, Michelangelo and of course Ian Jennings are helping us to explore the adventure of becoming fully human. Also today: we cheer on all the children who are soon starting nursery, school or secondary school. Find all the links mentioned in the service below this video.

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Sunday Worship on 28 June

In our series of talk on the big questions of life we will ask: Who am I? What is my identity? Also: Your Fathers’ Day photos! Find all the links mentioned in the service below this video.

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Does Prayer Really Help (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries)…

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Sunday Worship on 21 June

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It’s Fathers’ Day! Today we are starting a new series of talks about the big questions of life, reflecting on how we grow in prayer, explore a historical mystery about St Mary’s Church, enjoy some serious dancing and meet a couple of superheroes!

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The Life We Were Made For

For most of us, lockdown has meant facing substantial strains, stresses and fears. We may have revisited some of the big questions of life: Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there more to life than this? What will the future look like?

In a new series of talks, starting this Sunday, 21 June, we will consider these questions in the light of the amazing message of the Bible, that God is for us and in Jesus is with us and in us.

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Here are the dates and themes:

Sun 21 June –Introduction: The story of my life
Sun 28 June – A New Identity: Who am I?
Sun 5 July – A New Horizon: Where I am headed?
Sun 12 July – A New Purpose: What am I here for?
Sun 19 July – A New Hope: What can I hope for?

Online: Sundays 10.30am.
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Telephone: Available any time for a week, Sun to Sat: 01895 714013


Sunday Worship 14 June

We are continuing to explore the healthy habit of prayer with a question from one of our children; Nnamdi will help us to think about ‘outward prayer’ and we hear from Francis Moloney about racial justice and equality.

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An Interview with Francis Moloney

At our service this Sunday we are catching up with Francis Moloney! Francis and Annabel were part of our church from 2016-2019 while he was training for ordination in the Church of England. We are asking him how they are doing and to help us grapple with the theme of racial justice and equality. Join us this Sunday at 10.30am on YouTube…

Family Service on 7 June: Healthy Habits (1) Prayer

In today’s family service for all ages we are beginning to explore ten Healthy Habits of the Christian life and the first one is … prayer. Contributions from all ages and of course prayers for our nation, our world and ourselves. Find all the links mentioned in the service below.

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Pentecost Sunday Worship at 10.30am

It’s Pentecost Sunday and our service today is full of the joy of the Spirit. Our Virtual Choir is back and we are showing the poster that YOU made…


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Sunday Worship: 24 May 2020, 10.30am

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