Reflecting on the news, our faith and culture


Would you like to reflect on the intersection of faith, news and culture? This new podcast does just that – recommended!
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Christoph speaks to Olivia Drewett, a junior doctor in Bristol, about her work and faith.



Church Coffee Online: Reflecting on the Changes of the Last Months

Last Sunday, Christoph and Edda hosted Church Coffee Online (aka Virtual Coffee) and reflected on the massive changes of the last months, as well as the new ‘superpower’ of adaptability. Catch up here:

An Interview with Francis Moloney

At our service this Sunday we are catching up with Francis Moloney! Francis and Annabel were part of our church from 2016-2019 while he was training for ordination in the Church of England. We are asking him how they are doing and to help us grapple with the theme of racial justice and equality. Join us this Sunday at 10.30am on YouTube…

Should Christians doubt?

Christoph reflects on this question at Virtual Coffee with contributions from the live chat. Resources mentioned in the session:

Alister MacGrath, Doubting: Growing through the Uncertainties of Faith

John Ortberg, Faith & Doubt and a more recent version of the book with the title Know Doubt: Embracing Uncertainty in your Faith

Patrick Regan, Honesty over Silence: It’s OK not to be OK

Patrick Regan’s talks at Spring Harvest this year:
Tackling Anxiety:
Tackling Depression:
Tackling Perfectionism: