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A short survey: Please help us to plan!

Could you give us two minutes of your time? We are expecting that the government will allow us to hold services in our churches again from July. We are awaiting detailed guidance, but there will be considerable restrictions such as social distancing, no singing, Holy Communion in one kind (bread) only. We do not know […]

The Paradox of Choice – Bonus 1

This post is a response to a discussion we had at virtual coffee today: How does it work if God chooses us but we also choose him? You can watch the service here… You can watch the virtual coffee conversation here… The page below is taken from Tim and Kathy Keller: My Rock and my […]

The Life We Were Made For

For most of us, lockdown has meant facing substantial strains, stresses and fears. We may have revisited some of the big questions of life: Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there more to life than this? What will the future look like? In a new series of talks, starting this Sunday, 21 June, […]