A Reflective Walk Through Holy Week

Our current issue of Denham Parish News has a central pull-out section to help us reflect on Jesus’ movements during Holy Week.

You can download the magazine as a PDF here…

It starts with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem tomorrow and leads us through the week to Easter. Each day has a short reading, a reflection and a prayer.

You can also trace Jesus’ movement on the map above (it’s reproduced in the magazine).

Join Jesus during a week that changed the world!


Pause for Christmas!

Why not use our Pause for Advent reflections during the quieter days after Christmas? They tell the “prequel” of Christmas.

Find them all here…

Pause for Advent 5: Abusing Creation

Pause for Advent 4: Homesick

The last two years have exacerbated our sense of being uprooted. The latest “Pause for Advent” traces the roots of this human condition and how Jesus came to meet us in our ‘homelessness’.

As these Pauses for Advent trace the whole Christmas story you might want to watch them in the right order.

Catch up on all episodes here…

Pause for Advent – follow our reflections on Youtube

These reflections will be posted a couple of times per week – an opportunity to slow down for 5-7 minutes.

You can find all previous videos by clicking here…


01 Pause for Advent: Made Good

Our first advent reflection – with an unplanned interruption!

This Advent, let’s pause for Advent a couple of times a week.

Based on Jo Swinney’s book “The Whole Christmas Story”.

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At Home With God: A New Prayer Trail at St Mary’s

Prayers inspired by our homes – why not take some time in St Mary’s Churchyard to linger and pray?

Download all the prayers to use them creatively in your own home…

(Thank you to Cathy and Kath for creating this prayer trail.)

Healthy Habits: Mark’s Gospel in 40 readings

Last Sunday we reflected on Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. The number 40 is often significant in the Bible for a journey of challenge and growth (think about Israel’s 40 years in the wilderness!).

Join us in the “Mark 40 Challenge”!

Read the Gospel of Mark in 40 readings. You could do it in 40 days (good for stamina and discipline) or just read two or three passages per week. The important thing is to commit to it, put the times in your diary and then stick with it as much as possible. That way you will establish the healthy habit of reading the Bible on a regular basis.

Click here for a list of the 40 passages, always with a thought or a question for each day…