Sunday Worship 18 October, 10.30am

Two stories Jesus told about money – or was it about much more than that? Join Edda and Christoph live from the Rectory and enjoy a fantastic finale from one of the colleges in Oxford. Find all the links below the video.


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Audio Service for Sunday 18 October: “Give to Caesar…”

Preacher: Ian Jennings
Reader: Vicky Birkby (Matthew 22.15-22)
Intercessions: Carlene Litchmore

Pentecost: A Sneak Preview!

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Our Easter Celebration here at Denham Parish Church, which is brimming with Easter Joy.

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Cast all of your cares upon Him

A Bible Memory Verse song to sing Scripture into our hearts and minds.


Sermon: Worship in Spirit and Truth VIDEO

Please scroll down for an AUDIO version of this talk and the video of a song we sang during the service.

Sermon preached by Ian Jennings at our 10.30am service on Sunday 15th March 2020.

Sermon: Worship in Spirit and Truth AUDIO

Sermon preached by Ian Jennings on Sunday 15th March 2020 at our 10.30am service.

This sermon is based on John 4.4-26.

During the service we sang this song about the living water that Jesus offers the woman at the well:

Sermon: Stoop to Enter

Sermon preached by Christoph Lindner on Sunday 27 October at 10.30am

This sermon is based on Luke 18.9-14.


Sermon: Guard Your Heart

11 August 2019, 10.30am, Christoph Lindner

“Above all, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4.23

If our heart is the wellspring of life, how can we guard it? 
This talk reflects on the biblical understanding of the heart, how we can best guard it by making ourselves vulnerable to others and to God and how we can shape it with regular spiritual exercises. The talk refers to the “Johari Window”.

The following Bible verses are referred to:

Deuteronomy 6.4-9

Matthew 11.25-30