Understanding the deep symbolism of the coronation service

To many modern eyes the coronation service which is rooted in the Bible and centuries of history looks strange and is “like seeing a dinosaur still alive in a Zoo.” Tom Holland on Seen&Unseen
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“The United Kingdom is the only country which still marks the accession of a new monarch with a coronation.”
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Joel Edwards: Translating the Good News of Jesus for our time

In today’s service Christoph quoted a letter, written by Joel Edwards to the UK Church in 2015.
He was an influential leader in the UK church for many years and recently died of cancer on June 30th.

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“Good translation mediates God’s brilliance and passion from the Church to the world without our baggage getting in the way. The cultural complexities of our day present us with an overflow of challenges. We could see the world’s hostility as direct threats to biblical truth: or we could see it as a world scrambling for meaning. Let’s reposition ourselves as courageous translators, helping people understand what God is still trying to say.”

A Postscript to VE Day: Bonhoeffer’s Creed

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed for his resistance to Hitler on 9 April 1945 in Flossenbürg Concentration Camp, only four weeks before VE Day. He wrote this creed days before his execution by the Gestapo:

I believe that God can and will generate good out of everything, even out of the worst evil. For that, he needs people who allow that everything that happens fits into a pattern for good.

I believe that God will give us in each state of emergency as much power of resistance as we need. But he will not give in advance, so that we do not rely on ourselves but on him alone. Through such faith all anxiety concerning the future should be overcome.

I believe that even our mistakes and failings are not in vain, and that it is not more difficult for God to cope with these as with our assumed good deeds.

I believe that God is not a timeless fate, but that he waits for and responds to honest prayers and responsible action. Amen.

(Flossenbürg Concentration Camp today: Walking into the light)