Family Service on Sunday 2 August 2020

Join us for our Family Service today, which is all about fellowship (also known as community, family, togetherness). We’ll here from a whole range of people what they love about their church group and we have a family service quiz for you. Find all the links mentioned in the service below this video.



Audio Service for Sunday 2 August: The Healthy Habit of Fellowship

Preacher: Christoph Lindner
(The Bible Reading is included in the service)

Sunday Worship on 21 June

(Find all the links mentioned in the service below the video…)

It’s Fathers’ Day! Today we are starting a new series of talks about the big questions of life, reflecting on how we grow in prayer, explore a historical mystery about St Mary’s Church, enjoy some serious dancing and meet a couple of superheroes!

VIRTUAL COFFEE at 11.15am:
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