Remembering His Royal Highness Prince Philip

SUNDAY 11 April 2021

9.30am and 10.30am
In our services on Sunday 11th April at 9.30am at St Mary’s and at 10.30am on Zoom we will remember His Royal Highness Prince Philip in our prayers.

2.00pm–4.00pm, St Mary’s Church
St Mary’s Church will be open for private prayer on Sunday 11 April from 2.00pm until 4.00pm.

6.00pm–6.30pm, ONLINE on YouTube and Facebook
On Sunday 11 April at 6pm there will be a special service to mark the death of Prince Philip on Youtube and Facebook.
This service will last about 30 minutes and will be available for streaming afterwards.
Click here for the service…


The Church of England has created an online Book of Condolence in which you can submit a message.
Click here for the online Book of Condolence…

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said today:
“I join with the rest of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in mourning the loss of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, and give thanks to God for his extraordinary life of dedicated service. Prince Philip continually demonstrated his unfailing support and unstinting loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen for 73 years. He consistently put the interests of others ahead of his own and, in so doing, provided an outstanding example of Christian service.”  Read his full statement here…


Let us pray:

God of our lives,
we give thanks for the life of Prince Philip,
for the love he shared among us,
and for his devotion to duty.
We entrust him now to your love and mercy, through our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.


(for use with young children)
Loving God,
We are sad that Prince Philip has died.
Thank you for his long life
and for his care for The Queen and our country. Amen.


Prayers for Friday 9th April 2020

Thank you Lord that your victory over sin and death means new life for us is a reality.
We pray that we may recognise you as you walk through our days and we ask you to disturb our complacency which is blurring our spiritual vision .
We pray for the courage to speak out against injustice and oppression.
We pray that our leaders may establish and uphold right values and sensitive  legislation.
We pray for those of our families and friends who have not yet met you ( please mention their names) that they may be drawn into your company so that they may enjoy your faithfulness and love.
We remember those whose lives are filled with pain, anxiety or sorrow and ask you to come along side them.
With the words of resurrection fresh in our minds, we commend to your eternal love those who have died,  that they may live with you forever. ( please mention the names of those you can remember )
Father May our lips and our lives express our thanks and praise to you for rescuing us and setting us free to live for you.
Risen Lord as you draw near to two of your disciples on the Emmaus Road and at evening stayed with them in their village home , be our own unseen companion along the daily journey of our life and at the ending of the day, come and abide with us in our dwellings for your love’s sake.
Help us Lord our God to hear and obey your call to us, as those who have been raised with Christ, to seek the things that are above where Christ is , seated at your right hand. That our thoughts may be  set on heavenly things, not on things of earth, and we may be partakers of his risen life until we are manifested with him in glory.  We ask these in your name !

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers!!!

Prayer Friday 2nd April 2021

Welcome to the month of April.
We thank God for the new month. We pray that we’ll rejoice and be glad in it. Amen.
As we reflect on the event of the first Maundy Thursday and Good Friday;
 • We pray that we will genuinely love one another as he commanded us on a day like this.
 • We pray for humility to wash other people’s feet and to use our positions to serve them as he taught us rather than demanding to be served
 • We pray that we’ll not betray Him as Judas did on a day like this.
 • We pray that we will not desert and abandon Him as the first disciples did on a day like this.
 • We pray for his mercy , forgiveness and restoration as he graciously granted to Peter on a night like this .
 • We pray for courage to live out our faith faithfully as disciples of Christ and never to deny him in this crooked, evil, idolatrous and perverse generation.
 • We pray that we’ll always be prayerful and watchful as he challenged the disciples to be on that night of his agony at Gethsemane We pray that we will learn the lessons of this season which are sacrifice, humility, hope and salvation.
Lord Jesus as we focus on your betrayal, your agony and your pains on a day like today, we remember that you did  so for us.

Grant us Lord in our little corners today to be bold, courageous, determined, faithful and loyal to your course. Amen 🙏🏾

Prayers Friday 26th March 2021

My Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank You today for Your divine covenant to guide me continually and satisfy my desires in scorched places making my bones strong; so that I shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.
In all my ways I  acknowledge You.
Come and make straight my paths especially in this Holy Week. Help me to learn from your meekness and to partake of the benefits of your  passion, that I may share in your  triumph and know the joy of your resurrection .
Lord there are times I feel like I am getting off course or lost in certain events of my life, therefore, I need Your guidance and direction more than ever before to get back on track and remain faithful to Your will for my life.
Good Father and generous Father, You have told me to ask You for whatever I need.
You said that if I ask, it will be given. If I seek, I will find. If I knock, the door will be opened unto me.
I ask You for guidance and direction now, Lord, and I pray that You will answer my request.
You are a perfect and a good Father who only  gives good gifts to His children.
You love to give good gifts to those who ask of You.
As Your child, I ask for the gift of wisdom today in order to successfully navigate through all matters *(mention them)* confronting me, in the mighty name of Jesus.
O Lord, my God, help me to trust You with my decisions and with my future.
 Let me lean on You with all my heart instead of relying on my own understanding which is imperfect.
Give me clear guidance in my life, Lord.
As I submit myself to You, I know that You will direct my paths and I have the confidence that Your direction is always the best for me.
Loving Father, help me to cultivate spiritual disciplines, so that I am able to receive what You have to tell me, and more willing to do what You require.
May I not only come to You with my needs but to cultivate the habit of spending time with You in worshipful listening.
Help me not  to allow the distractions of social media and the business of life drown out Your still small voice inside me.
Help me to be guided in all things by You, rather than by my own imperfect judgment, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers.

National Day of Reflection

On Tuesday 23 March we will pause and remember the many people who have died during this pandemic – each one missed by family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Let’s take time to reflect on our collective loss, reach out and show the millions who are grieving that they are not alone, and pray for them.

St Mary’s Church will be open for personal prayer on Tuesday from 11 am to 4pm – please come to be still, reflect and pray. At 12 noon we are invited to stop and be still, wherever we are, whatever we are doing. We will toll a bell at St Mary’s at mid-day to remember the many people we have lost and to invite everyone to pause and pray.

Please join us.

Download a special prayer postcard…

God of Love,
As we think about all that has changed this year,
help us to trust that you are always with us.
As we remember those who have died,
help us to trust they are at peace with you.
As we reach out to others with kindness and care,
may hope shine out in every heart and home.

(The National Day of Reflection is organised by Marie Curie and supported by The Church of England.)


Prayers for Friday 19th March 2021

ather we thank you this beautiful morning for the gift of Life, for persevering us through the  night, we say thank you  Jesus for a new day that you have graciously brought us into.
Forgive all our shortcomings, Cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Oh Lord we commit all of our activities today into your able hands, praying and asking for your mighty hands of protection to rest on us all, lead us aright today, provide our needs today and shield us from every harm.
Lord, You have always been at the centre of our relationship, for it is built on the foundation of your love and grace. We find ourselves struggling daily to get along, we are under pressure and we see conflict and disillusionment between us.
Please Lord, help us to come to you moment by moment, day by day, and surrender all our difficulties to you. Fill us with your wisdom and understanding as we sift through the many strains and disagreements we face. Come strengthen us by your Spirit as we lean on your mighty power. May we always find new grace, forgiveness and understanding for one another.
Jesus we ask for your Mercy on our nation – our Jerusalem -United kingdom let your peace and glory reign in this nation. Jesus please intervene in this nation, turn her heart to you. Bless our Queen, our Prime Minister, our MPs and all in position of authority in this nation . We pray that that all will fear and obey thee Lord
God our Father,
Who wills that all men be saved
And come to the knowledge of Your Truth:
We pray thee to send
Laborers into Your harvest,
And grant them grace to speak Your Word
With all boldness; so that Your Word
May spread and be glorified,
And all nations may know You,
The only God, and Him whom You have sent,

Thank you Father for hearing us in Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen.