Thy Kingdom Come 2023: Pray with us!

Join the global wave of prayer in the Denham Parish Prayer space
On the 25th ,26th and 27th May the vestry will be transformed into an interactive prayer space, between 2pm and 8pm Thursday/Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday.
You can book a slot here…

Each prayer slot is one hour and the room will have lots of ideas on how to spend that time in prayer. You can book the room just for yourself, with friends or a church group.
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Each day there will be an open session for the Church to gather in prayer. Please note: during those times the prayer room will be closed.
(There is no need to sign up for these sessions, just turn up).

25th May 8.15pm to 9pm
26th May 8pm to 9pm
27th May 10am to 11am (all ages, child friendly activities)


Watch a short video introducing our prayer space: