St Mary’s Festival: A Virtual Tour of the White House Gardens

Join Philip and Irene Courtenay-Luck as they take us on a tour of the White House Garden. This is part of St Mary’s Festival 2020 and we are so grateful to Philip and Irene for opening their garden for us on Sunday, 13 September, between 12 noon and 4pm.

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Church Coffee Online: Reflecting on the Changes of the Last Months

Last Sunday, Christoph and Edda hosted Church Coffee Online (aka Virtual Coffee) and reflected on the massive changes of the last months, as well as the new ‘superpower’ of adaptability. Catch up here:

Sunday Worship on 12 July 2020

Please find all the links mentioned today below this video. We continue our series on “The Life We Were Made For”, hear from our mission partner Tearfund about their worldwide response to Covid-19 and are led in worship by a variety of church members.

Virtual Coffee:
Please watch the latest Rector’s Update:
Sunday Club:
Activity Sheet for children and families (Includes instructions for making a story catcher):
Tearfund Donations Page:

The Paradox of Choice

Here is an excellent TED talk on the pitfalls of the massive choices we have these days.

Christoph used it for part of his talk in the service on 28 June. You can catch up on it here (start from 8 minutes 23 seconds):

Prayer: God can take our jumbled lives…

… and make something beautiful. Make sure you watch this video to the end!

An Update from Christoph

Should Christians doubt?

Christoph reflects on this question at Virtual Coffee with contributions from the live chat. Resources mentioned in the session:

Alister MacGrath, Doubting: Growing through the Uncertainties of Faith

John Ortberg, Faith & Doubt and a more recent version of the book with the title Know Doubt: Embracing Uncertainty in your Faith

Patrick Regan, Honesty over Silence: It’s OK not to be OK

Patrick Regan’s talks at Spring Harvest this year:
Tackling Anxiety:
Tackling Depression:
Tackling Perfectionism:

Join us for our Good Friday Reflection at the Cross

A quiet reflective service at the cross, leading up to the time of Jesus’ death.

Cast all of your cares upon Him

A Bible Memory Verse song to sing Scripture into our hearts and minds.