Nicky Gumbel’s Confession – with Giles Fraser

In his sermon on 17 October at 10.30, Christoph mentioned the story of Nicky Gumbel. Here is a video in which he tells it to Giles Fraser.

You can watch the service from 17 October by clicking here…

Safeguarding Sunday: Two videos

Today is safeguarding Sunday. Here are two videos to help us engage with this important topic. It needs all of us to create a safe and healthy church!


VIDEO 1 (for adults): “What is your normal?” Creating a safe and healthy culture


VIDEO 2 (for children and parents): Keeping you safe


Our safeguarding officer Samantha Carter would like to hear from you if you have any concerns about safeguarding. Click here to email her…


Christoph speaks to Olivia Drewett, a junior doctor in Bristol, about her work and faith.



God is in charge – there is no better reason to rejoice!

As true in 2021 as ever: “Hallelujah! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.”


Holy Innocents: “I am Mary”

Tomorrow, Monday 28th December, we are remembering the “Holy Innocents” – the darkest part of the Christmas story. Watch a powerful film based on those events. Thank you to Stephen and Alison Barrett for sharing this link; their son Matthew Barrett is the executive producer. (12 minutes)

NOTE: This film may not be suitable for younger children as it contains images of war and violence. Please watch the film first without children.

Beautiful short film: The Present

Which presents did you get?

Here is a beautiful short film about a special present.

Online Advent Calendar: The first door is opening today!

The first door on our special advent calendar can be opened today!

Each day a new surprise is waiting for you.

Click here for our advent calendar…

You can also find the calendar by clicking on the banner on our homepage or by going directly to



Waiting for a King: Getting ready for Advent

Catch up on yesterday’s service, in which we launched our Advent theme “Worship in the Waiting”…

Sunday Worship 11 October 2020

Today’s service is available from 8am onwards as many of us will be at our Annual Church Meeting from 10.30am.
Christoph is reflecting on one of Jesus’ parables and gives us a perspective on the mission of God and our place in it.
(Click on the image below to start the service on YouTube)
Open the Book Bible Story for children and families:

St Mary’s Festival: A Virtual Tour of the White House Gardens

Join Philip and Irene Courtenay-Luck as they take us on a tour of the White House Garden. This is part of St Mary’s Festival 2020 and we are so grateful to Philip and Irene for opening their garden for us on Sunday, 13 September, between 12 noon and 4pm.

If you would like to contribute a donation for the St Mary’s Fabric Fund (which pays to maintain the church and grounds), click here…
Thank you for your support!

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