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Praying for persecuted Christians

Let’s pray together: Here are the 10 countries where Christians are persecuted the most. This list includes Nigeria and Iran.

A Life-Saving Defibrillator for Denham Green

New Defibrillator in Denham Green and Free Emergency First Aid Training

Denham Parish Church are delighted to report that there is a new Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED) on the outside wall of St Mark’s House, Green Tiles Lane, Denham Green which is next to St Mark’s Hall. The defibrillator, along with training, has been purchased as a joint venture with the charity AEDdonate, The Community Board of Denham, Gerrards Cross and the Chalfonts (Buckinghamshire Council) and Denham Parish Church.

The AED will serve as a vital device for the local community and allow a rapid response to anyone nearby who has a sudden cardiac arrest. The device is also registered with our local Ambulance Trust for use in an emergency.

Free training on how to use the AED defibrillator and also in CPR and other emergency first aid will be held at St Mark’s Hall, Green Tiles Lane, Denham Green UB9 5HT.

  • Would you know how to recognise if someone’s heart has stopped?
  • Do you want to learn CPR and how to use a defibrillator to help them?
  • Learn how to deal with someone choking, adults, children and babies
  • How to recognise strokes using FAST test
  • How do you support a person having a diabetic emergency?
  • Supporting an unconscious person.

Final opportunity to join a training course:

Friday 9th February 10am-1pm. Click here to book your place…

To book your free training place, please click on the links above or contact the Church Office: 01895 832771

A special Advent Calendar for a special price!

Advent is only a few weeks away and we have the perfect gift for a family with children: An Advent Calendar to retell the Christmas story and have fun while doing it.

Follow the star, come join in the fun!
Christmas is coming, the countdown’s begun…

This Follow The Star Advent Calendar is a fun way for children and their families to mark Advent and celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

Featuring a fold-out, stand up crib scene, stickers for every day of Advent and a rhyming Nativity story sheet, it tells the story of how – and why – Jesus came to be born in Bethlehem.

Free accompanying daily activities are also available from the Church of England – click here…

Sundays at St Mary’s services. Weekdays from St Mary’s Church Office. | 01895 832771 (whilst stocks last)

How to pray for Israel and Gaza

Our mission partner Tearfund has put together a helpful prayer guide.

Click here to view it…


Middle East Emergency: Praying and Helping

Right now, thousands of people in Gaza and Israel and the wider region are experiencing devastating loss, trauma and overwhelming need. The situation continues to worsen on a daily basis, increasing the number of people being displaced from their homes.
Our mission partner Tearfund is working with local churches and partners to support their preparations and help them respond to the needs of people across the region.

How can we pray…

Give to the Middle East Emergency Appeal…

Secret Auction: 9 special glasses for 900 years

When they’re gone, they’re gone!

We have nine glasses celebrating the story of St Mary’s Church in Denham.  Each one bears the inscription “St Mary’s Church, Denham Village. Founded 1123”. They are the remaining glasses that were made for a special celebration many years ago. When they are gone, they are gone! As we celebrate 900 years of St Mary’s at this year’s festival, you can own one of these glasses…

Bid for one of them in our Secret Auction

You can submit a bid to own one of them. The top nine bidders will each own a special memory of our historic church. This is a secret auction. You can submit your bid until the end of Thursday, 14 September. The winners will be notified by email. 

Every penny given in this secret auction will help us look after St Mary’s Church and churchyard. Thank you for your generosity!

Place your bid here…

“We bought these glasses in Peter Crick’s time [who was Rector of St Mary’s in the 70s and 80s] to sell on the church stall at the May Fayre.We had two batches made (100 in each I think) and we sold them for £5 for 6. They are good sturdy glasses. I use one regularly, particularly when BBQing in the garden. My daughters reminded me that in the 80’s at home we treated them as our best glasses brought out on special occasions!” Gerald Miller (who was our church’s treasurer for many years)


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The Future of Denham Village Fayre

Many people have asked whether the Fayre will be back this year.

Please read this page to find out more…

Or download it as a PDF…

Earthquake in Syria and Turkey: How can I help?


On Monday the 6th of February two powerful earthquakes struck Southern Turkey near the Northern Syrian border. The initial quake had a magnitude of 7.8, followed by a 7.5 magnitude quake 9 hours later and a series of aftershocks. Sadly, many people have lost their lives or been injured, and the death toll is still rising. Our mission partner TEARFUND is part of DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), a group of registered charities working on the front line delivering help and support to those who need it most.

Click here to give…


When asked how we should pray, a a church leader in Turkey says: “Please pray for the people who have lost their loved ones and are in sorrow and despair, that God would comfort them. Please pray for the people who are helping and serving. And please pray that the ways would be opened soon, so we can bring more help to the area. God bless you all.”

Heavenly Father,

The news from Turkey and Syria incredibly grieves us. More people in Turkey have been killed in this earthquake than in any earthquake since 1999. The damage in Syria has affected people who have already lost so much in 11 years of civil war. We find it hard to see your hand at work in moments like this. We wonder why because the damage and death seem so random.

In this time, remind us that you are here regardless of circumstance. We know that our world is damaged. We know that there are many kinds of damage we may never understand. Help us trust you are still present, even in moments like this.

We know that rescue workers are still trying to find people. They are working where cold weather makes it vital to find people before they freeze. Keep the rescue workers alert. Help them communicate well. Give their supervisors patience and resiliency as they coordinate the efforts.

We pray for the refugees and displaced people, especially in Syria. So many people have had to leave their homes in the last 11 years. So many were struggling to survive even before this earthquake happened. Without a permanent address or local connections, staying together or finding each other is much harder after a disaster strikes. Help these people to find their family members. Help them to get the medical care and emergency shelter they need.

We pray for all people of good will who live in the areas. Show them how to aid the least of these and show your love in this terrible time. We ask you would particularly help Christians to extend aid when dealing with people who are hostile to Christianity. Help your church in Turkey and Syria to love their enemies exceedingly well in this terrible time.

We thank you for the world leaders reaching out to help in this time. Help them to set aside egos and ulterior motives so they can work together to give the most help to the most people. Move obstacles and move hearts so that charity will defeat apathy.

Lastly, we pray for those who have lost loved ones. Show the grieving people in Turkey and Syria that you are the God who weeps and knows our pain. Help them to grieve and, at the proper time, to see the redemptive things you weave from even the worst circumstances.