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210523 Pentecost Celebration

It’s PENTECOST SUNDAY! A service for all ages as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit together. With special guests Gemma Hunt (CBeebies and Alpha), Pete and Sammy Greig (The Prayer Course, The Wellbeing Journey), and many members of our own community – reading, praying, singing and leading. Christoph and Edda are starting in a very windy shopping parade in Denham Green!

This service has been pre-recorded – no live chat or Church Coffee Online today. Both will be back next week.
Find all the links below.

Pentecost Activity Sheet with the Cheeky Pandas…

Take our survey to help us shape the next season…

Sign up for our APCM on Zoom (this link will not work after 10.30am on Sunday 23 May)…

Audio Service 7 June: Born of Water and Spirit

The reading (John 3.1-15) is included in the service.

Preacher: Nnamdi Maduka

Virtual Choir: Build Your Kingdom Here

Our virtual choir has recorded  a second piece for Pentecost!

Pentecost Sunday Worship at 10.30am

It’s Pentecost Sunday and our service today is full of the joy of the Spirit. Our Virtual Choir is back and we are showing the poster that YOU made…


Here are the links referred to in our service:

Virtual Coffee (starts at 11.15am)…


Sunday Club…


Activity Sheet for children and families…


Virtual Prayer Wall…


Audio Service 31 May: The Coming of the Holy Spirit

The reading is included in the service.

Preacher: Ian Jennings

Pentecost: A Sneak Preview!

Audio Service 24 May: Our assignment, advocate and aim

Both readings are included in the service.

Reader: Nnamdi Maduka

Preacher: Christoph Lindner

Join us for our Ascension Day service

This service will be available from Thursday, 21 May, 7am onwards.

Audio Service 17 May: Jesus is sending the Advocate

This talk is based on John 14.15-21. The reading is included in the service.

Reader: Sharon Williams

Preacher: Nnamdi Maduka

Audio Service 10 May: Life in the Power of the Spirit

This talk is based on John 16.5-15. The reading is included in the service.

Preacher: Christoph Lindner