The Paradox of Choice – Bonus 1

This post is a response to a discussion we had at virtual coffee today: How does it work if God chooses us but we also choose him?

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The page below is taken from Tim and Kathy Keller: My Rock and my Refuge. Highly Recommended!
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The Life We Were Made For

For most of us, lockdown has meant facing substantial strains, stresses and fears. We may have revisited some of the big questions of life: Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there more to life than this? What will the future look like?

In a new series of talks, starting this Sunday, 21 June, we will consider these questions in the light of the amazing message of the Bible, that God is for us and in Jesus is with us and in us.

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Here are the dates and themes:

Sun 21 June –Introduction: The story of my life
Sun 28 June – A New Identity: Who am I?
Sun 5 July – A New Horizon: Where I am headed?
Sun 12 July – A New Purpose: What am I here for?
Sun 19 July – A New Hope: What can I hope for?

Online: Sundays 10.30am.
Stream any time afterwards. Click here for our Youtube Channel…

Telephone: Available any time for a week, Sun to Sat: 01895 714013


Audio Service 5 April (Palm Sunday): The Servant King

This talk is based on Philippians 2.5-11.
The reading is included in the service.

Reader: Christoph Lindner
Preacher: Nnamdi Maduka

Sermon: Where is God

28th April 2019- Nnamdi Maduka, 10.30am This talk is based on Luke 24.13-35

SERMON: Easter Ressurection Life

21st April 2019- Francis Moloney, 10.30am This talk is based on Luke 24:1-12

Sermon: Outrageous Generosity

12th April 2019- Christoph Lindner, 10.30am

This talk is based on Luke 19.28-40

Sermon: Unmasking the Idols – Power

24th March 2019- Nnamdi Maduka, 10.30am


SERMON: Unmasking the idols – Money

17th March 2019 – Christoph Lindner, 10.30am


SERMON: Who is Jesus?

24th February 2019 – Francis Moloney, 10.30am