Prayers Friday 22nd January 2021

God’s morning to you all.

I pray you are safe and well…May His Name be Glorified this day in our worship…..
Today’s prayer:
Lord You are Worthy of ALL PRAISE. We surrender and bow in reverence to  You alone.
Thank you Lord for Your Mercies which are new this morning. Regardless of circumstances situations and challenges You are still God, still in control, still on the Throne. We know not what tomorrow brings but You have not given us the spirit of fear but of Power Love and a sound mind.
Help us to give our hearts to You, withholding nothing, help us to be still in Your Presence and receive Your Word, receive Your Glory. Though we are in isolation we are not alone; though the building is closed let the church be on fire for you.
Thank You Lord that You have made a way when there seems to be no way; that You keep Your Promises for You are not a man who should lie; thank You for Your Miracles of Life even in these perilous times.
You woke us up this morning to hear birds singing, have the ability to move our limbs. We lift our hands in praise and say Thank You Lord God our Saviour, our Healer, our Deliverer, our Light in the darkness, our All and All.
Thank you that We have caught your loving gaze and that you have cleansed us with your love. Let your words of truth and love awaken our hearts so that We can follow you.
 Lord, We want to reach out to you today. We repent of any sin that blocks us from encountering you. Open our hearts and clean them with your unconditional love. Help us to reconnect with the joy of your salvation. Give us the courage to persist in prayer, even as you give us the peace of knowing that you will work things out for our good. Help us find joy in knowing that We belong to you forever. Holy Spirit, come into every area of our life and make your presence known. Teach us to accept and act on all the grace you have for us. Help us to receive whatever you want to share with us so that We can become a channel of your gifts. Amen.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers