Prayers Friday 5th February 2021

Theme: Jehovah Is Our Helper

Text: 2Kings 6: 24 – 29
Never put your trust on man. Your help in the time of troubles (like we and the whole world are at the moment ), can only come from God.
He is able to heal us of all our diseases, & uncomfortable situations.
Ref: Psalm 121
        Isaiah 61: 1- 3
        Psalm 50: 15
        Isaiah 41: 13
        Jer 17: 5 -7
Prayer Points:
1. Thank God for His Grace on us , our families, our community, our world.
2. Confess your sins & ask for forgiveness
3. Pray for God’s mercy & healing on everyone of us all through this year
4. Pray for God’s mercy and healing upon our nation  and the whole world.
5. Pray for our children that God will keep watch over them.
6. Pray for open doors, success, and breakthrough in all our engagements
Oh God our Help in ages past.
Our hope for years to come ….
The Lord, He is our healer.
He is our fortress, shield & battle fighter.
May He fight every aspect of your battle, & heal every manner of your diseases/ sickness.
Let God challenge your challengers, liberate, and grant you victory over all your adversaries.
May He cause you to proclaim “The Lord is my God” at all times.

Be vigilant, watch, and pray always, for He hears, and will hear you, in Jesus name Amen.

He is our help in ages past, He is our hope for the years to come, Hallelujah !!!