Wellbeing Thought for Wednesday 17th February 2021

Wednesday 17 Feb

Eating Well

Food and drink are like fuel to our bodies. If we put the wrong type in (as when we fill up a diesel car with petrol) it will have adverse effects. Drinking enough water and eating healthily means greater energy levels, better sleep and enhanced emotional peace. After Elijah sleeps, God gives him a good meal (Read 1 Kings 19.5-8)! God had a plan for Elijah, but first he had to be strengthened physically. We pray “Give us today our daily bread.” God wants us to be physically well. Our part is to ensure we put the right fuel into our bodies.

  • Drink enough water.
  • Don’t skip breakfast.
  • Avoid big meals late at night.
  • Make sure you eat a balanced diet, with enough fruit and veg.
  • Don’t overeat.

Is there one change in the list above that you can make straight away?