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Denham Parish News: Easter 2023

Our latest magazine is out! Easter Coronation Mental resilience The future of the fayre And much more…   Click here or on the title image on the left to download a PDF of the magazine… Would you like to subscribe to the paper version? Email our editor…

Thriving not just surviving

Jesus promises us life in all its fulness (in John 10.10) but often our reality seems to fall short. This Lent we are reflecting in our Sunday services on passages from Matthew’s Gospel, combined with Psalms to learn how we can thrive rather than just survive:   Sunday 26 February Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Turn […]

How to disagree well

On Sunday, 19 February, we will be thinking about Jesus’ difficult teaching on loving our enemies (Matthew 5.43-48). Disagreeing well is getting harder in the age of social media. Here are some helpful principles: Talk face to face as full human beings whenever possible. Try to build a relationship Acknowledge differences. Stand up for what […]

Why do bad things happen to good people?

(This article was first printed in Denham Parish News at Christmas 2018.) By James Leach ‘Here’s something that happens all the time and makes no sense at all: Good people get what’s coming to the wicked, and bad people get what’s coming to the good. I tell you, this makes no sense. It’s smoke.’ (Ecclesiastes […]

Earthquake in Syria and Turkey: How can I help?

GIVE On Monday the 6th of February two powerful earthquakes struck Southern Turkey near the Northern Syrian border. The initial quake had a magnitude of 7.8, followed by a 7.5 magnitude quake 9 hours later and a series of aftershocks. Sadly, many people have lost their lives or been injured, and the death toll is […]