From Christoph: The Great Christmas Invitation!

Dear friends,

Christmas is coming and it will not be cancelled, no matter what the media may suggest. In fact, this Christmas the message of comfort and joy – that God is with us and becomes one of us in Jesus – is more needed than ever. Sometimes we tend to forget that Jesus came into a world of crisis: a nation oppressed by an occupying superpower; a young, pregnant mother, having to go on a long journey with her fiancé; a manger as the bed for her newborn son;  soon after the birth, they become refugees in another country to save his life.

Jesus knows all about Christmas in a Crisis!

We have a fantastic Christmas programme, no matter what the COVID regulations will be in December and we need you to get out “The Great Christmas Invitation”!

This week we ordered 500 more issues of the Christmas edition of Denham Parish News and 1,000 Christmas flyers (attached as a PDF). I don’t want us to throw a single one away at the end of Christmas. So how can you help?

If you live in Denham, could you distribute our magazine and Christmas flyer through every letterbox in your street?
If you don’t live in Denham, could you ‘adopt’ one or two streets in Denham and do the same?
If you are not able to get out at this time (and everyone else!), would you please email the attached Christmas flyer to friends, families and neighbours and put it on social media?

Your contribution will be crucial in letting everyone know, so please be part of the Great Christmas Invitation. 

How does it work?
Please email and let Victoria know which road you will cover and how many copies you require. Once we run out of church magazines you can still distribute the Christmas flyer; but wouldn’t it be great if your neighbours received the magazine, too? So please don’t wait – send off your email today. If you’d like to help with distribution, but aren’t sure which roads to cover, just tell Victoria and she can assign you a road or two.

To distribute the PDF simply download it here…


Are there other ways in which you can contribute to Christmas this year?
Yes there are!

  • It’s not too late to contribute to our online advent calendar – this could be something thought-provoking or funny or a selfie in your Christmas jumpers (maybe holding a sign with a short Advent message?). Please email me your contribution by the end of Tuesday, 24 November.
  • Invite us to sing carols on your street: As you will see in our Christmas flyer, we’d like to take carols on the road – a short 7-minute programme of carols, a thought and a prayer. Would you like us to come to your street? Please email me with the details (your street, which day/time would work – Mon 21 to Wed 23 Dec) and then let all your neighbours know!

You will find the latest updates (and various links to register etc.) on this Christmas page, which is now live and will be updated continually.


Every good work of God begins in prayer
This coming Saturday, 28 November, we are inviting you to take part in a day of prayer. Set aside on hour between 7am and 9pm. You can register by clicking here… and before Saturday we will provide you with a simple suggestion how you could spend the hour in prayer (find it at on our blog (The Latest) from Thursday next week). The sign-up sheet allows multiple people to book the same hour slot, so please choose the time that works best for you.
From Monday, 30 November, we are offering daily advent prayer at 6pm from Mon to Fri. Again, the links will be available on our website (click “The Latest” in the menu).

With my best wishes for a hope-filled Advent and Christmas 2020,

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(Christoph Lindner, Rector)