Harvest Gifts for 3 October

HARVEST GIFTS for Sunday 3rd Oct

Please bring your gifts to our Harvest Thanksgiving Service on 3 October at St Mary’s (10.30am)
Alternatively you can drop off your gift at our church office in the week.

Supermarket vouchers are a great alternative to food gifts and can bless people in need. We will deliver them to people in our parish and through our Give & Share team.

Our service offering will support Trinity/SHOC – one of our mission partners, who support homeless people in our area. You will also be able to make a donation by credit card / contactless on the day.

If you bring food gifts, please consider bringing some of the following, which we will donate to Hillingdon Foodbank in New Denham:

  • Tin Potatoes
  • Tin Spagetti
  • Tin Fruits
  • Pasta
  • Jam
  • Sugar in small packs
  • Long life Milk
  • Rice pudding or Custard in tin or small packs
  • Apple or Orange Juice
  • Toilet Roll