Let’s pray together: Prayers for this week

Let us pray:
  • Give thanks to God for His kingship over us, pray that He will continue to rule and reign over us and make us ready for Him.
  • Give thanks for the promise of God to come and take us home. Praise him for opening His arms to welcome everyone back to him.
  • Give thanks for the commitment of the Church – in England and the world at large – to the marginalised, the lost and the least, for its faithfulness to the gospel and its witness to the gospel’s power to change and save lives.
  • Pray for young families who are finding it difficult to come to church, that God will fill in any gaps in their lives and strengthen their faith in Him
  • Pray for the church in its mission to preach the word of God and its commitment to speak in languages and dialects its hearers will understand, pray that the  will of God will be honoured and the gospel will be heard in all the earth.
  • Pray for the church leaders to have faith and courage in the face of difficulty, that they may find strength to suffer with Christ and be changed into his likeness.
  • Pray for places of education that they may seek to broaden the minds and skills of those who seek to learn and offer a vision of a fairer world.
  • Pray for places of employment that they may be free from discrimination and prejudice, that employer and employee may work together to ensure fairness for all.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers.

Maranatha- Come Lord Jesus