Prayer Friday 2nd April 2021

Welcome to the month of April.
We thank God for the new month. We pray that we’ll rejoice and be glad in it. Amen.
As we reflect on the event of the first Maundy Thursday and Good Friday;
 • We pray that we will genuinely love one another as he commanded us on a day like this.
 • We pray for humility to wash other people’s feet and to use our positions to serve them as he taught us rather than demanding to be served
 • We pray that we’ll not betray Him as Judas did on a day like this.
 • We pray that we will not desert and abandon Him as the first disciples did on a day like this.
 • We pray for his mercy , forgiveness and restoration as he graciously granted to Peter on a night like this .
 • We pray for courage to live out our faith faithfully as disciples of Christ and never to deny him in this crooked, evil, idolatrous and perverse generation.
 • We pray that we’ll always be prayerful and watchful as he challenged the disciples to be on that night of his agony at Gethsemane We pray that we will learn the lessons of this season which are sacrifice, humility, hope and salvation.
Lord Jesus as we focus on your betrayal, your agony and your pains on a day like today, we remember that you did  so for us.

Grant us Lord in our little corners today to be bold, courageous, determined, faithful and loyal to your course. Amen 🙏🏾