Prayers for Friday 9th April 2020

Thank you Lord that your victory over sin and death means new life for us is a reality.
We pray that we may recognise you as you walk through our days and we ask you to disturb our complacency which is blurring our spiritual vision .
We pray for the courage to speak out against injustice and oppression.
We pray that our leaders may establish and uphold right values and sensitive  legislation.
We pray for those of our families and friends who have not yet met you ( please mention their names) that they may be drawn into your company so that they may enjoy your faithfulness and love.
We remember those whose lives are filled with pain, anxiety or sorrow and ask you to come along side them.
With the words of resurrection fresh in our minds, we commend to your eternal love those who have died,  that they may live with you forever. ( please mention the names of those you can remember )
Father May our lips and our lives express our thanks and praise to you for rescuing us and setting us free to live for you.
Risen Lord as you draw near to two of your disciples on the Emmaus Road and at evening stayed with them in their village home , be our own unseen companion along the daily journey of our life and at the ending of the day, come and abide with us in our dwellings for your love’s sake.
Help us Lord our God to hear and obey your call to us, as those who have been raised with Christ, to seek the things that are above where Christ is , seated at your right hand. That our thoughts may be  set on heavenly things, not on things of earth, and we may be partakers of his risen life until we are manifested with him in glory.  We ask these in your name !

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers!!!