Prayers Friday 10th September 2021

Today we remember St. Mary’s festival coming up this weekend

Let us thank the Lord for His goodness to us as a parish in ages past and in the years to come.
We pray for all who have served this church in various capacity through the years that are past and for those serving currently in His continuing worship and witness in our own day.
Pray that God will accept our thanksgiving for what He has done, take our lives as we dedicate them anew to your service.
Pray that God will Prosper our endeavours to further his gospel and kingdom in the days to come.
Pray for good weather on Saturday and Sunday and that all that will come will joyfully be part of this great celebration. May this festival be a blessing to our community.
Pray that all who will be involved in any way will have renewed strength and deeper encounter with you as they serve you and our community.
Lord, thank you for your constant goodness in our lives and for making your home in us. Thank you for offering us a whole new life with you. Help us to recognize you as you break forth into our lives, into our community . Show us your glory, and help us put all of my hope in you.
Lord, We trust that you will keep us in perfect peace as we meditate on all that you have done for us whether it cost us to lament or to laugh.
Open our eyes to see you. Open our ears to hear you. Open our hearts to receive you. Open our minds so that we can understand and discern your will. Help us to welcome the new things that you want to do in us .

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers