Prayers Friday 13th August 2021

Thank you Lord for opening heaven’s blessings to me every day. Thank you for keeping watch over me. me. Make me holy and fill me with your love. Come and be the foundation of my faith. Reveal your work to me even when mysteries surround me.
Help me to find creative ways to come closer to you. Lord, I believe that you are more than I know. I accept your invitation to a new understanding of your love and plan.
Lift me up to see the truth of your power and mercy and plan for me. Give me the courage to put aside anything that hinders your plan. Give me the grace to do all I can to deepen my relationship with you so that I can remain faithful all the days of my life.
Holy Spirit, I want to abandon myself to your plan. Forgive all my sins and strengthen me by your Holy Spirit in me to resist evil at all times.
Open my heart so that I can experience your presence as I worship you. Help me to be more attentive to your purpose for me.
May my worship bring me closer to you and make me reflect more of your character. Amen.