Prayers Friday 14th May 2021

Having brought back our freedom with the giving of his life , Jesus enters into the full glory to which he is entitled .
As we celebrate together let us  pray together.
God of love as we celebrate this festival of Jesus entry into heaven as Savior and Lord , we pray for unity in the church and reconciliation and renewed vision .
As we recall the shouts of praise in heaven as the Lamb of God appears, we pray for all who are hailed as heroes and given great honour on earth, for all who worship anyone or anything other than God.
We pray for our farewells and homecomings among our families and in our community and for all who have lost touch with loved ones and long for  reunion .
We  pray for those who are full of tears and cannot imagine being happy again . We pray for the hardened and callous , whose inner  hurts have never yet been healed .
We pray for wholeness and comfort and a new life .
We commend to your Internal love those we remember who have died and we pray too for those we miss their  physical presence .
We  praise and bless you, God of our making, for the way you draw us deeper into the meaning of life . May we be ready, waiting and watching when you will come to take us home.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers