Prayers Friday 21st May 2021

Sunday is Pentecost :

Let us pray for fresh outpouring of the holy spirit on the people of God all over the world and in all fellowship traditions.
Pray for our readiness to be changed and made new, for a softening of the ground of our hearts to receive without fear. With our whole selves we pray, Come, Holy Spirit of God.
Pray for a fresh in-breathing of life and power in each church community, which breaks down our barriers and set us on for with God’s love.
Pray for all the people of the Earth to know God and Honour His name for the healing of the nations.
Pray for a new thirst for righteousness and purity at every level and in every aspect of society.
Pray for a dissatisfaction with the pursuit of pleasure and all that distracts us from our true calling. Pray that family rifts will be healed and long standing conflicts resolved. With our whole selves we pray, come Holy Spirit of God.
Pray for God’s grace and power to live out our faith in this challenging world, among those we meet, whose lives we share without compromising our calling to be the body of Christ.
Pray that we will live out Christ’s integrity and purity, forgiveness and love.
With our whole selves we pray for those who feel empty or cheated or filled with pain or worry or guilt .
We pray for those whose hopes and dreams are in tatters, all who are imprisoned by their past.
We pray for those who walk the dark journey of death and all who have come through it  into God’s presence . Pray for mourners distressed by regrets or angry with God at the loss.
With our whole selves we pray for all that God have in stock for us, we look forward to walking into the future of God’s promise.
We pray for the grace to see this world and it’s needs and problems through the eyes of love, hope, justice and mercy. Lord please give us grace to abandon prejudice and build bridges of reconciliation.
Come Holy Spirit come!!!
Please let us continue to remember Tim Water and Mike Cant. That the Lord will surround them with His healing love and care.

Lord in your mercy hear our prayers