Prayers Friday 23rd July 2021

In love and trust, let us pray to our God.
Our faithful God, give us the courage to tell out your truth without fear and to work for your kingdom with joy.  Thank you for the support and love of other Christians and the richness of the varied traditions. May we focus our attention on you with such love that  all unnecessary divisions between us may crumble.
We pray for our law makers and keepers in our nation .May our laws work to uphold what is just and true.
We pray that we may live in Godly peace and goodwill through choice. rather than through fear of punishment , may we reject deceit and flattery so that our motives and behaviour are honest and Our love for one another clear as the day
We pray for our lawbreakers and all in prisons and all returning to the community.
We  pray for those imprisoned by guilt or shame or trapped by physical frailty, illness or paralysis . We pray for those whose lives are tragically disrupted by war or famine, poverty and disease.
We give you thanks for the love pour out to us each moment of each day  and ask you the grace to live our gratitude and give freely of what we have freely received.

Lord in your mercy, please hear our prayers.