Praying Together on Friday

Today’s prayer (by Nnamdi Maduka)

Lord, you have always been, and you always will be; you are the Creator, the King. Thank you that I have caught your loving gaze and that you have cleansed me with your love. Let your words of truth and love awakens my heart so that I can follow you.
Lord, I want to reach out to you today. I repent of any sin that blocks me from encountering you. Open my heart, and clean it with your unconditional love. Help me to reconnect with the joy of your salvation. Give me the courage to persist in prayer, even as you give me the peace of knowing that you will work things out for my good.
Help me find joy and comfort in knowing that I belong to you forever. Holy Spirit, come into every area of my life and make your presence known. Teach me to accept and act on all the grace you have for me. Help me to receive whatever you want to share with me, so that I become a channel of your gifts as I wait on you. Amen.
Maranatha ,
come Lord Jesus come
Holy Spirit come.
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