Beautiful short film: The Present

Which presents did you get?

Here is a beautiful short film about a special present.

Christmas Day: Family Service at 10.30am

Please note: There will be NO service at St Mary’s Church today. Please join us for our online family service.

Join us for a fun and interactive service, led by Christoph and Edda Lindner – live from the Rectory. Happy Christmas!

Christmas Eve: Midnight Holy Communion at 11.30 pm

Journey with us from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.

This service was pre-recorded at St Mary’s Church in Denham.

Bring a piece of bread to this service to celebrate Jesus, the bread of life.

Christmas Eve: Christingle Crib Service at 4.00 pm

Our Christingle Crib Service is when Christmas truly begins! A service for all ages with the famous orange. This year we are going online to make sure there is a place for everyone! In our service we give a special welcome to babies born in 2020!

Make a donation to the Children’s Society…

An important Rector’s Update from Christoph

An update from Christoph Lindner about Christmas at Denham Parish Church and how we can show care for one another as we celebrate the great care that God shows in becoming one of us. (5 minutes)

Carol Service Beats Playing With Train Set!

There could be no better recommendation for our Community Carol Service on Sunday.

If you missed it you can catch up by clicking here…

(Thanks to Hattie and Matt for sharing this photo with us!)

Archbishop Justin Welby on showing restraint this Christmas

The Archbishop of Canterbury is urging Christians to show “prudence and caution” in the week ahead as Christmas approaches.

In an exclusive interview with Premier (just before the Prime Minister’s announcement), Archbishop Justin spoke of already deciding not to include his 90 year old mother in celebrations this year in order to protect her. A decision he described as “agonising”.

“There’s one of my colleagues here, who has had long Covid. She says, ‘when I see someone wearing a mask, it says to me, “I care for you”.’ In other words, us taking precautions is a sign of loving our neighbour.”

Christmas isn’t just being scaled back on a personal level. With many churches still to re-open for physical gatherings and others cancelling carol services because of new tier restrictions, some could say that one of the biggest evangelistic opportunities of the year has been missed.

Archbishop Justin is more optimistic. He suggests the current times give more weight to the message of the Christmas story.

“I think we express the message of where people are at and what they’re feeling at the moment by a clear focus on the person of Jesus Christ.

“Because at Christmas, Jesus doesn’t come to a palace, he doesn’t come to security. He didn’t come to a place that was comfortable. You’ve got the most vulnerable human being on the face of the planet, which is a baby, in a cave or stable with no bed, no medical attention, in a crowded war-ridden country at a time of extreme uncertainty. That’s the message.

“That’s how God gets involved in this world. He comes right into the dirtiest, nastiest, most difficult parts of it and is utterly with us – Emmanuel, God with us. Not God at us or God looking down on us, but God with us. Keep to that message.”

With online services taking place, there will be opportunities to invite friends and family to a carol event this year. While that might provide a chance for the sharing of faith, Archbishop Justin says the actions of Christians can be as powerful.

“First of all, we have to demonstrate the faith. That means love one another and love those in the world with the love of Christ.

“It doesn’t matter how good we are at communication skills or how skilled we are in Zoom or YouTube or Twitter or whatever else it happens to be. If there isn’t love, dream on sunshine, nothing’s gonna happen.

“So first thing: love. Love God. Love one another. Love those around us. Second, be ready at all times to give a reason for the hope that is within you. Have you heard that said before somewhere?”

Read the full article here…

Community Carol Service: Sunday 20 December, 4pm

Watch our beautiful Community Carol Service (again) – now available to stream. Favourite carols, lots of contributions from our community, virtual choir, special guests! If you’ve enjoyed watching it, please share the link widely.

All about Christmas in Denham:


Sermon: Do not be afraid

Talk given by Christoph Lindner at our Sunday service on  29th December 2019.

Sermon: Are you ready for the arrival of the king?

This sermon was preached by Ian Jennings at St Mary’s Church on Sunday 8 December.

The talk is based on Matthew 3.1-10.