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210725 Sunday Service: How do you exercise power?

Today is our last service from the Rectory – at least for now! From next Sunday we will launch a ‘hybrid service’ at the same time – more in today’s service. In the talk we will reflect on how we exercise power in a way that honours God. Join Edda and Christoph live from the Rectory at 10.30am. Find all the links below.
Church Coffee on Zoom from 11.15am today:
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A Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind

Ian Jennings writes:

In the current climate we need a balance between wisdom and trust – doing what we need to do to keep safe and to keep others safe and trusting the constant care of a loving God who does not give us a spirit of fear!

Sermon: Unmasking the Idols – Power

24th March 2019- Nnamdi Maduka, 10.30am