Secret Auction: 9 special glasses for 900 years

When they’re gone, they’re gone!

We have nine glasses celebrating the story of St Mary’s Church in Denham.  Each one bears the inscription “St Mary’s Church, Denham Village. Founded 1123”. They are the remaining glasses that were made for a special celebration many years ago. When they are gone, they are gone! As we celebrate 900 years of St Mary’s at this year’s festival, you can own one of these glasses…

Bid for one of them in our Secret Auction

You can submit a bid to own one of them. The top nine bidders will each own a special memory of our historic church. This is a secret auction. You can submit your bid until the end of Thursday, 14 September. The winners will be notified by email. 

Every penny given in this secret auction will help us look after St Mary’s Church and churchyard. Thank you for your generosity!

Place your bid here…

“We bought these glasses in Peter Crick’s time [who was Rector of St Mary’s in the 70s and 80s] to sell on the church stall at the May Fayre.We had two batches made (100 in each I think) and we sold them for £5 for 6. They are good sturdy glasses. I use one regularly, particularly when BBQing in the garden. My daughters reminded me that in the 80’s at home we treated them as our best glasses brought out on special occasions!” Gerald Miller (who was our church’s treasurer for many years)


Place your bid here…



All Change!

All Change!

Watch a short video update from Christoph and Edda here…

From Sunday, 25 July: 

We can sing again in church! At a time when Covid numbers remain high, we are taking careful steps to ensure that everyone feels safe when they come to church:

We will continue to keep all our hygiene measures and social distancing in place. By reducing the distance between individuals and ‘bubbles’ to about 1m we can increase our capacity at St Mary’s a little.

Please continue to sign up beforehand. We will keep some free seats for those who turn up and are not aware of this arrangement.

Being able to sing was at the top of your list in our survey a couple of months ago. To make sure we keep one another safe, we are asking you to continue to wear a mask inside St Mary’s Church. Of course you don’t have to wear a mask if you have a medical exemption.

You can choose where to sit.

We will refrain from shaking hands when sharing the peace and at the end of the service.

We will delay sharing the common cup at Holy Communion while Covid infection numbers remain high.

As soon as we have established a new coffee rota we will serve coffee and tea after the service – probably at the back of church to avoid a bottleneck in the vestry. Please let Victoria know if you want to help with coffee.

From next Sunday, 1 August:

The 9.30am service at St Mary’s will move to 10.30am.

The service will be streamed live from the church on Youtube.

Only the front of church (chancel and sanctuary) will be visible on the live-stream. If you want to avoid being seen on the video (which is publicly available on the internet), please do not walk into the vestry from the church five minutes before the service or immediately afterwards. Please speak with our parish secretary Victoria if you are on a rota to read, lead, pray, etc. and do not want to be visible on the internet.

The month of August will be a time of experimentation – we will learn a lot and probably make a few mistakes. Your feedback is very welcome!