Thriving not just surviving

Jesus promises us life in all its fulness (in John 10.10) but often our reality seems to fall short. This Lent we are reflecting in our Sunday services on passages from Matthew’s Gospel, combined with Psalms to learn how we can thrive rather than just survive:


Sunday 26 February
Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Turn from Temptation
Mat 4.1-11 | Psalm 141.1-5,8-10

Sunday 5 March
Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Faith in the Healer
Mat 8.1-13 | Psalm 30

Sunday 12 March
Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Plain Priorities
Mat 8.18-22 | Prov. 3.1-8 NLT

(Sunday 19 March: Mothering Sunday. We are pausing the series)

Sunday 26 March
Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Calm in the Storm
Mat 8.23-27 | Psalm 34.1-8



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