Wellbeing Thought for Monday 8 March

God’s plan for our financial wellbeing

There is a highway called ‘God’s plan for your financial wellbeing’, and on either side are two ditches: ‘Poverty Perspective’ and a ‘Materialistic Mindset’. The first one sees life through a lens of scarcity and is afraid of lack. There is a theme going through the Bible that God provides for his people (Read Matthew 6.25-33).

A materialistic mindset is about an unhealthy concern for our physical comforts and the acquisition of material possessions and wealth. This mindset can be found in all income brackets!

Jesus invites us to trust in God and to first seek his kingdom – that way lies freedom! When we live in the will of God we can expect the provision of God.

Think about the picture of the highway and two ditches. Are you prone to one of these mindsets or maybe a combination of both? Re-read Matthew 6.33 and consider how Jesus’ teaching can and will set you free.


(Excerpt from: Dave Smith, God’s Plan for your Wellbeing.)