Wellbeing Thought for Thursday 11th March 2021

Thursday 11 March
A journey of generosity

 If we want to build generosity into our lives, we need to do it intentionally and with planning (read 1 Corinthians 16.23). This verse shows that giving is to be prioritized, regular, planned and proportional. We give to God first, not from our leftovers (priority), because he gave us the first and very best, his only Son Jesus, so we can be children of God.

The New Testament emphasises grace-motivated generosity. Many Christians follow the Old Testament principle of ‘tithing’ (giving 10% of your income to God). You can give proportionally no matter how little or much you earn! Honouring God with the first 10% and living off the other 90% is far better than trying to go it alone with the 100%! Once people start giving generously, they often experience God’s provision and can be even more generous as a response to God’s grace at work in their lives.

> Thank God for his provision and invite him to reveal more of his love and generosity towards you. Consider which steps you can take in giving that is a priority, regular, planned and proportional.
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