Wellbeing Thought for Friday 12th March 2021

Friday 12 March

Praying for provision is embedded in the Lord’s Prayer: We pray “hallowed by your name” and one of the names of God in the Bible is Yahweh Jireh (Genesis 22.12), which means ‘the Lord provides’. Then, after re-aligning our lives with the prayer “Your kingdom come, your will be done”, we can confidently pray, “Give us today our daily bread”.

  1. Be in the will of God: it means a lifestyle that is in line with God’s Word and the leading of His Spirit. Put in place the principles explored this week. A key part of God’s provision comes by us working diligently and honourably.
  2. Believe it is God’s will to provide for you. Let go of a poverty mindset.
  3. Be specific. Ask specifically for God’s provision.
  4. Be persistent. If you believe your request is in the will of God, don’t give up praying.

> Take a few moments to pray for specific needs – whether it is for yourself or for others.wellbeing banner with text small.jpeg