Wellbeing Thought for Thursday 18th March 2021

Thursday 18 March

Loving others


Putting others first is at the heart of healthy relationships! As Christians we have Jesus as a model – the most unselfish person who ever lived, who gave his life so we can receive the extravagant love of God the Father. As we grow in knowing this deep love of God for us, we can learn to love others deeply.

How can we love others better?

(1) Be present: The most desired gift of love is focused attention. Central to this is affirming, non-judgmental listening. Learning not to interrupt or immediately give advice is a discipline worth cultivating.

(2) Be positive: Affirmation and encouragement have huge power.

(3) Be honest: “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” (Proverbs 27.6). We all have blind spots and need others to help us see them!

(4) Give wise counsel: One of the greatest gifts we can give and receive from each other is Holy Spirit-inspired counsel.

> Look at these four areas and consider which you most need to grow in. Ask God to fill you with his love, power and wisdom to empower you to become a better friend.wellbeing banner with text small.jpeg