Wellbeing Thought for Wednesday 17th March 2021

Wednesday 17 March

Growing in relational health

Dr John Townsend suggests that there are three types of relationships that energise us: COACHES, COMRADES (such as family members and friends who provide mutual growth and support), CASUALS (low commitment, but enjoyable relationships). We need enough people in these three categories to give us the energy for other important types of relationships (colleagues, people who need our support, etc.).

How do we develop these important relationships?

(1) Invest time.

(2) Be vulnerable. (Jesus asked his three closest friends to be with him at his most vulnerable moment in the Garden of Gethsemane).

(3) Set appropriate boundaries. Not all relationships are good for us and even the good ones need appropriate limits. The only people who will have an issue with you establishing boundaries are those who benefitted from you not having any!

> What changes might you want to make in the light of these three points?

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