Wellbeing Thought for Thursday 4th March 2021

Thursday 4 March

Listen and learn

The foundational way of God speaking to us is through the Bible (read 2 Timothy 3.16-17). When we read the Bible, we read the Word of God!

Wayne Cordeiro suggests we read the Bible with the SOAP method:

S: Scripture – deliberately pause on a verse or passage.

O: Observation – ask questions about what it’s saying.

A: Application – consider how this Scripture applies to you.

P: Pray – talk to God in the light of what you have found.

God speaks to us personally through the Bible, by his Spirit! Let’s take the time to immerse ourselves in it.

> Take a look at the Youversion Bible app (bible.com) and start one of the many reading plans. We also recommend the Lectio 365 app for daily Bible reflection and prayer.
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