Wellbeing Thought for Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Wellbeing Thought for Tuesday 2 March
A two-way conversation
In 1 Kings 17-19 we see how Elijah engages in honest conversation with God. When God asks him twice, “What are you doing here?” it’s not the he doesn’t know the answer! Rather, he is seeking to engage him in an honest conversation. We can lose perspective! How do you answer God’s question, “What are you doing here?”
We can be totally honest with God! Firstly, we’re talking to God our Father. Since God is “our Father in heaven”, we can pray with intimacy and honesty (Father) and at the same time with awe and confidence (in heaven).
Secondly we pray through the Son. We have open access into God’s presence because of Jesus and his sacrifice for us.
Thirdly, we pray by the Spirit. God’s Spirit has come to live inside us and is helping us to pray (read Romans 8.26-27).

> How honest are you with God in your life? Are there areas that you are keeping to yourself or only talking about with others, but not God? Bring them to him now. Speak honestly.

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