Wellbeing Thought for Tuesday 9th March 2021

Tuesday, 9 March

Cultivating contentment

The goal of financial wellbeing is ‘margin’ – to live within our means and to have a little left. The enemy of financial margin is not being content with what we have and to compare ourselves to others (typically those who have more!).

The antidote is cultivating contentment (read Philippians 4.11-13). In 1 Timothy 6, St Paul says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” Here are a few suggestions to get us started:

  • If you are spending more than your income, find out by how much.
  • Develop a budget and don’t exceed it.
  • Do everything you can to get out and stay out of debt. Seek advice – check out capuk.org.
  • Avoid impulse spending. Talk to God and to a person you trust before buying a more expensive item. If in doubt, don’t buy it!
  • Cultivate a habit of thankfulness for what you do

Look at the suggestions above. Choose one area to start working on.