210808 Sunday Service on 8 August, 10.30am

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Our online Holy Communion service will come live from St Mary’s Church, here in Denham.
This way, we can be one congregation, whether we are in the church building or on Youtube.
We are praying that the technology won’t let us down and that it will be a good experience for those taking part on YouTube, wherever you are.

To make it engaging online, we will have a moderator connecting with you on live chat (you must be signed in to Youtube to use the chat. Use your Google account or create a new account – it’s straightforward). It also helps to follow our Youtube channel – why not do this today, ready for tomorrow?

Click here for our YouTube channel…


While we are taking our first baby steps with “hybrid church” we are not quite yet able to show you words on the screen for hymns, songs and prayers. Please download the service sheet in advance by clicking here, which contains all the words for the service. You can print it out or have it visible on your screen. You can also find the service sheet on our website: www.denhamparish.church/blog or click on “Blog” in the menu of our website.

We are also pausing Church Coffee Online for a little while, but it will be back very soon.

So how does it work?

  1. Download the service sheet beforehand, have it ready as a printout or on your screen.
  2. Go to our YouTube channel a few minutes before 10.30am on Sunday (click here for our YouTube channel…). If you can’t remember how to find us, put this simple short URL in your internet browser address window: tinyurl.com/youtube-denham
  3. A few minutes before 10.30am you should see the service go live from St Mary’s. If you can’t see it, scroll down to the section “Online Services”. It should be the first one in the list with the date of the day (Year/Month/Day – so tomorrow it will be 210801). Click on it to view it.
  4. If you want to use the live-chat (this won’t work if you watch it later), make sure you are logged in to YouTube.
  5. Of course you can watch the service later on our YouTube channel.

Let us know how you are finding it by sending an email to our parish secretary Victoria (office@denhamparish.church).

Click here to download service sheet…