Prayers Friday 8th August 2021

Lord, you are the king of ages. You are the incorruptible, invisible, and only wise God. I give you honour and glory forever.
Thank you for offering me a share in your power and grace. Thank you for the needs you are laying on my heart. Help me to come into your presence today with a heart full of love. Lord, I step forth today rejoicing in your faithfulness and in the courage and joy that you bring to my life.
Help me hold onto my joy, especially when I face the difficult challenges of life. I want to fill the corners of my life with the happiness and peace of knowing that I am victorious in you. Let no stumbling block come between me and your will for me. May your presence flow into every part of my life, so that I can radiate your life to everyone around me.
Holy Spirit, I welcome you into my life today. Come in with all your power and strength. Come and break forth like the dawn in my heart. Draw me closer to you through the limits in my life. Direct my attitude, help me to sense your guidance, and fill my heart with your joy. Amen.
Good morning
Have a  pleasant weekend ahead.

GOD bless 🙏