Our postponed Annual Parochial Church Meeting will now take place on Sunday, 11 October at 10.30am. This will be a HYBRID MEETING, both at St Mary’s Church and on the Zoom conference app. (Should new restrictions apply by then we will hold it only on Zoom).


You can sign up, both for St Mary’s and Zoom, here…

Download the official notice of a meeting for the election of churchwardens (“Annual Meeting of Parishioners”)…

Download the official notice of Annual Parochial Church Meeting…


Download a copy of our annual report here…

Please bring it along to our APCM.
If you do not have the facility to view or print the digital report, please contact our church office for a paper copy.


The updated electoral roll has now been published. Click here to view it…


Click here to view the latest list (updated 3 Oct 2020)

What is an APCM?

It is the annual meeting of our church family – an opportunity to give thanks to God for all that has happened in the life of our church in 2019 and to get a clearer idea of his good plans for us over the next 12 months. We will also elect our two churchwardens and some members of our PCC. We are planning to make it accessible online for those who cannot attend physically. Please check “The Latest” (denhamparish.church/blog) for more details nearer the time.

Who can attend an APCM?

An annual meeting is a public event and anyone can attend. However, only those who are members of our electoral roll can cast their vote (plus those who live in the parish for the election of churchwardens). Please note that due to social distancing rules our capacity will be much reduced and you will have to register in advance. We are planning to stream the meeting, but you will not be able to cast your vote remotely.

What is the electoral roll?

The Electoral Roll of Denham Parish Church is the register of its voting members: it’s a list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) and to stand for election to the PCC. Church Representation Rules require that every Parochial Church Council (PCC) maintains an Electoral Roll. Note that you need to apply to be added to the Electoral Roll even if you are a regular attender and consider Denham Parish Church as your spiritual home.

Who can join the electoral roll?

The only qualifications required are that you are 16 or over, have been baptised and that you have attended our church for at least 6 months on a regular basis.  Attendance at our online services also qualifies you to apply. Regular worship means that you have attended at least once a month.

Why join?

Signing up to the Electoral Roll is an important way of confirming your commitment to our church and comes without additional obligations. If you wish, it can enable greater involvement in the life of the church at parish, deanery and diocesan level. It does help the church show its strength and the number on our electoral roll affects the number of elected PCC members and our representation on the Deanery Synod – so it’s great to sign up. The deadline for the revision of our electoral roll for this year has now passed. However, you can apply now to be included in 2021. Download a form here…