The Climate Change Challenge

On Sunday, 15 January, we are welcoming John Shaw from Tearfund as our guest speaker. We are invited to take the Climate Change Challenge in the previous week.

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News from our Mission Partners

We have recently received newsletters from Samuel Kpagheri (Wycliffe Bible Translators) and Michael Cooper (Church Army).

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BRF Centenary Celebration service

Our mission partner BRF is celebrating a special service to mark its 100-year history.

It will premier on Sunday 24 April at 3pm on their Youtube channel. You can also watch it afterwards.

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BRF at 100: The Bible is changing lives!

(Above: Kate Bottley speak to Richard Fisher, BRF’s chief executive)
Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) is one of our five mission partners and they started 100 years ago!
Last Sunday’s “Songs of Praise” was all about BRF and how they encourage young and old to live a life of faith. Catch up in BBC iPlayer by clicking here…

Lent Appeal Update: The Bibles in Ncham have been delivered

(Ladies holding their new Bibles in a Baptist church)

Our mission partner Samuel Kpagheri (Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Togo has sent us this update:

“The ladies who received the Bibles were very happy. They promised to read their Bibles and to get to know more God. Here is the testimony of one of the ladies who received her Bible: “I really want to thank God for this wonderful gift, a new Bible in my mother tongue. Tell those who sent money to buy Bibles that God will bless them abundantly. I used to see people holding their Bibles in the church and anytime the Sunday school teacher asks for those who came to church with their Bibles, I was always ashamed. But today, I can gladly stand up with my Bible.” The pastors and priests of different churches visited were also grateful for the gift.

We will also start literacy programmes in two villages with the remaining money. We will provide them primers and two teachers for each village.

On behalf of these different churches and ladies, I wish to thank you very much for your huge gift that had allowed 75 women to possess a Bible in their mother tongue. May the Lord abundantly bless you.”

An Update on our Lent Appeal: Bibles in Ncham


Our mission partner Samuel Kpagheri (Wycliffe Bible Translators) has now purchased 96 Bibles in the local Ncham language and they are being distributed to villages in Togo over the next weeks.

Samuel writes: “May the Lord abundantly bless you for all that you have been doing for
me, my family, my ministry and for my community.”

Thank you to everyone who has been partnering with him in enabling local people to read the Bible in their heart language.

Alongside translation into local languages run literacy programmes, which have been transformative in educating people and giving them better life opportunities.


A Letter of Thanks from LiFT

Last Christmas we invited you to contribute to our Christmas Appeal for LiFT, an orphanage home in Nigeria that provides a home for children who are victims of the humanitarian crisis in the country. Our associate minister Nnamdi Maduka knows its director personally and can vouch for the excellent work they are doing. Since then we have had additional donations for the building and equipping of their new orphanage home. Here is a letter from the director to our church. Please continue to pray for the work of LiFT.

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