How will you respond?

Dear friends,

One of the funniest moments in our series on “Hotel to Home” was when I asked at the 10.30 service whether anyone remembered the names of the two old gentlemen in the Muppets Show, who entertained us with their sarcastic comments. Like a shot, Ian and Clive shouted with one voice, “Statler and Waldorf”! (You can watch the talk here…)

As it happens, they were named after two famous New York hotels and they exemplify a “Hotel” attitude: Watch from afar, enjoy or criticise ‘the show’, but don’t get involved.  At Denham Parish Church we want to cultivate a “Home” attitude and we have done that with three talks, personal stories, materials for discussion and an invitation to respond.
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Today I am inviting you to respond.

We have created a response form to help you reflect on the steps you would like to take – from Hotel to Home. If you consider Denham Parish Church your church, I want to encourage you to take the time to re-acquaint yourself with the suggested responses (most of them have already been part of our services and small group materials) and ask God: “Which next steps are you asking me to take?” Then it’s just a matter of choosing those responses and sending the form back to us.
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This is not an exercise in overexerting yourself! One of the lessons from the body image that Paul uses is that everyone is needed and no-one can represent Jesus on his or her own. But you are gifted, called, sent and needed in the Body of Christ.

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Advent Sunday

Advent Sunday is coming early this year – on Sunday 27 December. It is a good finishing line to bring our response as a token of our worship. Please don’t delay your response unduly and try to send back the response form by Advent Sunday.
Having said that, if you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the talks, it is a good idea to do that first.
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Welcome Home

On Monday I took part in a meeting at a church in our Diocese. The big motto greeting people who pass the church is: “Welcome Home!”. That was Zacchaeus’ experience (we reflected on it in the first part of our series) and a brilliant summary of the good news of Jesus. Through him we can come home to our heavenly Father and to a family that spans the globe and is present in every community. You and I are ambassadors of King Jesus, inviting those we love, those we know, those we encounter, to COME HOME.

Thank you for being a part of Denham Parish Church!
With my best wishes and prayers,

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(Christoph Lindner, Rector)Please find the response form here…