Wellbeing Thought for Friday 26th March 2021

Friday 26 March
The power of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit acts as an ‘amplifier’ to our gifts, just as a PA system can make one voice heard in a big auditorium. James 5.17 says that Elijah was a human being, even as we are – it was the power of the Spirit working through him that enabled him to have such a powerful ministry.

As Jesus prepared to ascend to heaven he promised to his disciples that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on them. This happened at Pentecost and the same Spirit is still available to the Church today (Acts 1 and 2).

We can we be anointed for our vocation – in our families, our place of work, our local church or community.

> Ask God to fill you with His power in order to help you be more effective in your vocation.
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