Wellbeing Thought for Thursday 25th March 2021

Thursday 25 March
Alone or with other people

“How well you do in life and in business depends not only on what you do and how you do it … but on who is doing it with you” (Henry Cloud, The Power of the Other). For the first part of his ministry, Elijah operated as a lone ranger, but during the final phase he had a young friend and successor by his side, Elisha. Jesus supremely modelled the call to work with and mentor others with his disciples. This is a broader principle expressed in the slightly corny statement, “teamwork makes the dream work”.

The more I realise what I’m good at, the more I also find out what I’m NOT good at! Being part of a team is essential!

> Are you functioning as a lone ranger or working with others? How can you grow your investment in other people and your contribution to teams?
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