Wellbeing Thought for Wednesday 24th March 2021

Wednesday 24 March
The need for perseverance

Sometimes we lose motivation, focus and creativity and we just want to quit. When our passions and our purpose are aligned, we are more likely to persevere at such times. Sometimes we need help to get back. Elijah came to this point when he said to God “Take my life!”. And God reaffirmed his calling: “Go back the way you came” (1 Kings 19.15), which may well have been an encouragement to return to his original vocation.

While our vocation may stay the same, the way we live it out may well change. If you are heading towards the vocational red zone and feeling like giving up, don’t quit! Keep going on until the end.

> Take time to reflect. How can you reignite your sense of calling and destiny? Re-embrace your purpose and determine to persevere. wellbeing banner with text small.jpeg